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Cougs In Space Get Involved

Get Involved

Step One

Learn About Nanosatellites
1. Read the Wikipedia article about CubeSats.
2. Read NASA’s CubeSat 101.
3. Read the CubeSat Design Specification documents.
4. Read our Cougs In Space Wikipedia Page.

Step Two

Find a Team
1. Pick out a team you would like to join.

STEP Three

Get Started With GitHub
1. Create an account with GitHub.
2. Try the Hello World GitHub tutorial to learn how to use GitHub.
3. Join the Cougs in Space organization on GitHub.

Step Four

Check Out the Standard Operating Procedures
1. Read the Acronyms document.
2. Read the Code document.
3. Read the GitHub document.
4. Read the Project Management document.
5. Read the Units document.

Step Five

Start Working
1. Join the Cougs in Space organization on CougSync.
2. Create an account with Slack.
3. Join the Cougs in Space Slack.
4. Connect with your team lead and start working on your first project.